From low budget wedding to Royal one, we offer venues and suppliers that reflect the type of celebration you require and within your budget. Just let us know your budget and we would make your day the most memorable one that would be cherished for lifetime.

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  • Seasonal Theme

    Spring or winter, whichever season

    you decide to get married in, you can include a theme and turn your wedding into a cherished memory.

  • “Natural” wedding

    If you support environment,

    you may plan for a wedding which celebrates your love for nature along with your loved one. From organic food and an eco friendly wedding outfit – you can theme your wedding “Green”.

  • Arabian Nights

    An Arabian Nights themed wedding

    will encompass bright décor, and entertainment in the form of belly dancers and exotic instruments. Middle-eastern spicy savories and sweet treats would complete the wedding celebrations based on the Arabian Nights.

  • Vintage Ideas

    Vintage is back again and themes

    that make you travel back in time are a big hit. Vintage weddings will take you back when rock and roll and loads of hairsprays were hugely popular.

Shortly about Us

Transforming a home, castle, villa or vineyard into a beautiful painting that exudes warmth and that no one will ever forget. "Each wedding is a new adventure, a new location with new challenges and new solutions, which is why our clients always say, 'I've never experienced anything like this before!'"

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